Renting Procedure When should I start planning for my event?
This depends on the time of year and the size of the event. During the holidays, allow more time. We can help guide you if you call us in the beginnings stages of your planning.

Do I need to check my order?
Absolutely. We want you to know your order is correct. We ask that you or your representative be present to accept and check your order. Once the contract is signed, you have accepted responsibility for the order as written.

Who does the dishes?
We do – however, our customers must rinse all china, glasses, flatware and other food service items free of food before returning them to us in order to avoid cleaning charges. These charges can be quite large on big events. Check with us on this.

Who does the laundry?
Linen should be shaken free of food. Wet linen can mildew and therefore should not be bagged. If permanent damage occurs, such as burn, tears, or certain stains – you will be charged for replacement cost. You will not be charged for “normal wear or tear” but should expect after-event charges for linen if excessive damage occurs.


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